What your spare room needs to accommodate guests in winter

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spare roomspare room


What your spare room needs to accommodate guests in winter

Winter is a time for movies, cuddles, hot chocolate, and everything fluffy and warm. That’s why, when you have guests over in winter, you need to make sure your spare room can remind them of all the reasons why they love this chilly season.

No one enjoys walking into a cold room or climbing into a bed that feels like you’re sliding in between two blocks of ice. Especially not when your main bedroom is kitted out with heaters, electric blankets and the works. Give your spare bedroom some winter love and show your guests you care by giving the bedroom everything it needs to be winter-friendly.


A heater

An easy start and something you can quickly order online is an Alva gas heater to start warming up the room before your guests arrive. You will really be surprised at how much heat a seemingly small gas heater can bring to a room. And if you don’t want to spend money on anything else, investing in a gas heater is the least you can do. And if it’s portable, you can use it in your own room once your guests have left.  

Gas heaters don’t waste electricity and reach maximum heat within a matter of seconds. And that’s definitely something you need when there’s snow on the mountains and an icy breeze that manages to find its way inside the sealed-shut house. Just be sure not to cover the heater with anything or place it near any flammable objects or materials.


All the blankets

Who doesn’t love being covered by a pile of blankets in winter? Throw blankets, duvets, knit blankets and fluffy blankets – if you can name it, your spare bedroom (and main bedroom for that matter) needs it.

Winter is a time for the “layered bed” look that starts with the warm and thick winter sheets that are topped off with a down-feather duvet, comforter set and throw blanket at the foot of the bed. Then, to be even more hospitable, you should have spare blankets in the cupboards for your guests to add or swop as they please. We all have a prefered type of blanket we like to be cosied up in at night.

And by having spare blankets that aren’t part of the bed’s décor, you’re allowing your guests the freedom to wrap themselves up in a blanket as they roam about the house or sidle down somewhere to enjoy a cup of coffee.


Something under their feet

Not many people enjoy sleeping with socks on and tend to forget their slippers at home. If your guests happen to be one or both of those types of people, you need to offer them something to meet their feet when they get out of bed in the morning.

Wooden flooring can get extremely cold to the touch in winter. And when one gets up in the middle of the night for a glass of water or trip to the toilet, they aren’t looking for a chilled awakening from the tips of their toes to the tops of their head from a cold floor. Luckily there are things called rugs and carpets that can be sized to fit alongside or under (and overlapping) the bed.

Again, you can’t go wrong with soft and fluffy rugs that would make the best socks. And you don’t need it to cover the entire floor of the bedroom, just enough to get them to where their socks, shoes or slippers are waiting for them.


Towel warmer racks

One of the worst things about winter is getting out of a steaming hot shower and having to dry yourself with a cold, damp towel. Makes you shiver just thinking about it, doesn’t it? A solution to this problem would be to have towel warmer racks installed in the guest bathroom that can warm and dry their towel throughout the day before they need to shower.

Obviously, towels can retain a fair amount of water which means they can take a while to dry. The solution, therefore, would be to provide your guests with more than one winter towel (yes, winter towels are a thing and they should definitely be in your home). That way, while the one towel dries, they can use the other completely dry towel in the meantime.

Accommodating guests is truly an art of including the smaller details. That’s what your guests will notice and appreciate. Especially when it’s so cold outside and all they’re looking for is a little bit of warmth.

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