Small home details that will make you the best Airbnb host



Small home details that will make you the best Airbnb host

Airbnb is a good side-hustle for extra cash and a relatively stress-free way to be in the hospitality industry. You offer your home or room as it is, at a price you want and people can rent it from you during their stay in your city.

When it comes to being a great Airbnb host, there are things you can choose to do and offer that will make your guests feel welcome and their stay more comfortable. It’s the small home details that go a long way and your guests will most certainly appreciate it. They might even leave you a little thank you souvenir for your troubles.

But the goal is to get great reviews and recommendations so that your place is the first one people want to go to. The more bookings you make in a year, the more cash you’ll have to save up for a holiday of your own.


Something to drink

The deal with Airbnb is that it’s, usually, a self-catering kind of deal. You might not have the time to wait on your guests during their entire stay, but that’s okay. They’re mostly using your place for the bed and shower.

If you feel like you want to cater for guests in a small way, you could always have tea and coffee on offer in their rooms. Obviously, with a kettle, mugs, sugar and milk for them to make it as well. That way you’re saving them from spending extra money on takeaway drinks and you’re the reason for their morning pick-me-up. They will most certainly appreciate the offer and you could always top it off with some homemade rusks if you feel drinks alone aren’t enough.

And, as a general rule, you should always offer them something to drink when they arrive (from your side of the house) and take a few minutes to get to know them, lay down the rules and show them around.


Everything happening under the covers

If you want the best rest for your guests, you need to pay attention to detail in everything that’s happening under your duvet covers. Yes, we’re talking about the sheets. You might be thinking that white is the best colour because it resembles crisp hotel linen, but you’ll be making life difficult (and expensive) for yourself as they aren’t the easiest colour to maintain.

As for the type of sheets you should have on your guests’ bed, those need to be appropriate to the season. If you don’t have an electric blanket to offer or if you live in an extremely cold part of the country come winter, you should have winter sheets on the bed. And, in summer, you should have thin sheets that can be used in place of the duvet when it becomes unbearably warm.

Having the right sheets is the first step to regulating your body’s temperature when you’re trying to sleep, which is an important factor that can affect your quality of rest.


Provide a spare

If you want to be a great host, you should provide a spare for practically everything your guests might need. Spare sheet sets is a good place to start, then you have spare blankets, towels and toiletries in the cupboards.

It’s common for travellers to forget their toothbrush, run out of shampoo and, honestly, who remembers to bring toothpaste? To save them (again) from unnecessary expenses, you can stock up on the basic amenities for them to use, should they not have their own. It's thoughtful, proactive and, on occasion, a life saver for flustered guests.

You could even go so far as to provide them with extra things suited for the weather and location. If you’re close to the beach and it’s summer, leave some visors and beach hats hanging by the door that they can grab on their way out and return later. And if it’s the season for rain, gumboots and umbrellas would really be appreciated.  


Cleaning supplies and a first aid kit

If you provide cleaning supplies, you’re giving your guests the opportunity to give back for your amazing hosting skills. You’ll also be saving them the embarrassment of having to contact you late in the evening for cleaning supplies after accidentally knocking something over and messing everywhere.

It’s also always a good idea to provide a first aid kit. You never hope for an accident to happen, but it’s better to be prepared for it anyway. And you can include the standard Panado, Med Lemons and Allergex medications as well in the event your guests begin to feel ill and aren’t sure what the best local medications are.

To be the best Airbnb host, you need to prepare for all the possible outcomes. At the end of the day, your guests won’t likely be spending a lot of time inside but you can know that you’ve provided them with everything they might need. The small home details make one feel comfortable and at home in a strange space. And, sometimes, that’s all people want to feel when they’re travelling away from their own homes.