Granny Mouse’s Summer Bistro Menu is cooking

Granny Mouse - Bistro Menu
Granny Mouse - Bistro Menu

Granny Mouse’s Summer Bistro Menu is cooking!

As is the tradition at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, each new season heralds a change in the menu, and this summer is no different as the team launches their new Bistro menu.

Keeping up with the latest in food trends and exuding a fresh approach, while maintaining firm favourites in the mix, Granny Mouse’s culinary artists have struck a balance in sprucing up the menu, adding unique flavours and incorporating only the freshest and best ingredients in a food feast that will have you coming back to Granny Mouse again and again.

Getting off the menu mark with our starters, you could go Dutch with our triple cheese and chicken bitteballen. Alternatively, tuck into duck phyllo rolls or couscous crusted fish cakes- both with an Asian tang- or a spinach and feta frittata.

Keeping it fresh and light for summer, sample our mains sized Granny Mouse chicken ranch salad- mixed greens with shaved smoked chicken, bacon, grated egg, pecorino and ranch dressing, or opt for the honey roasted butternut and feta salad with rosa tomato, red onion rings, toasted pumpkin seeds and honey mustard dressing. Yum!

You’re really spoiled for choice with mains. Freshly made pasta options include gluten free and our braised beef short rib tossed in a creamy chasseur sauce with semi-dried rosa tomatoes, crisp cepes and truffle oil is a winner, alongside chicken, seafood and vegetarian options.

Fish, grilled meats and grilled combos are popular mainstays. Then there are curries with a Kashmir burn, and burgers to burn too. Our team have really spiced up the selection, with cumin spiced lamb, camembert and fig beef, chimichurri beef fillet and quinoa and lentil veggie burgers being new additions to salivate over.

Always, always leave room for dessert! Alcoholic and alcohol-free ice cream trios will enhance your chill. So too, the lemon meringue tartlet with strawberry sorbet. Satiating, rich black forest mousse, almond and Bar One roll, or cake of the day are other ways to round off a fabulous feast.

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